Wartung 145 - Maintenance 145

Maintenance Part 145

  • ACS Camo
  • Easa Engineering

Our company is entitled under the Part 145 certification to perform the services listed below.
Reference: AT.145.014
Organisation: Aircraft Service Ges.m.b.H Flugplatzstra├če 11 8784 Trieben



Rating: A2 Aircraft – Aeroplanes/Airships with 5700kg and below


A2 Piston engine: Base Line
Robin DR400 Series yes yes


Rating: A3 Helicopter


A3 Helicopter: Base Line
Agusta A109 E yes
Agusta Bell 206 Series yes yes
Bell 204 Series yes
Bell 206 Series yes yes
Bell 407 Series yes
Bell 412 yes
Eurocopter AS 350 Series yes yes
Eurocopter AS 355 Series yes yes
Eurocopter BO 105 Series yes
Eurocopter EC 120 Series yes yes
Eurocopter EC 135 Series yes yes
Eurocopter SA 315 B yes yes
MD Helicopters MD 500 yes yes
MD Helicopters 369 Series yes yes
Robinson R22 Series yes yes
Robinson R44 Series yes yes
Schweizer 269 Series yes yes




B1 Engines – Turbine engines


Honeywell LTS 101 Series yes
PW 206/207 Series yes
Rolls Royce 259 Series yes
TM Arriel Series yes
TM Arrius Series yes


Components other than complete engines or APU


C2 Auto Flight yes
C3 Comms and Nav yes
C5 Electrical Power and Lights yes
C6 Equipment yes
C7 Engine – APU yes
C10 Helicopter – Rotors yes
C11 Helicopter – Trans yes
C13 Indicating / Recording Systems yes