Easa Engineering

EASA Engineering

  • Wartung 145 - Maintenance 145
  • ACS Camo

Our company is entitled under the EASA certification to perform the EASA Engineering Orders listed below

Reference: AT.145.014



Aircraft Service Ges.m.b.H
Flugplatzstraße 11
8784 Trieben


Aircraft Engeneering Order Revision
Bell 205 FM Radio
Bambi Bucket Steuerung
Bell 206 Series Kannad 406 ELT
2nd Altimeter
Bell 212 Radio Junction Box  
Bell 407 Kannad 406 ELT  
Bell 412 Radio Junction Box  
Eurocopter AS 350

Intercom System PAC 24/KMA 24H ICS
Adjustable Heated Cargomirror

Eurocopter AS 355 Moving Terrain
New Style Panel Lighting (Glareshield)
Tetra Tactical Radio´s Ascom Tactical Radio
Motorola Tactical Radio´s
Motorola GM950
ALT/ Encoder ACK-A30
Intercom System PAC 24/KMA 24H ICS
Emergency Battery Pack (PS 835)
Kannad 406 ELT
EMS Modification (Audiopanels HEMS Crewmember- Pilot, Garmin SL 40)
Adjustable Heated Cargomirror
Eurocopter EC120 B Kannad 406 ELT  
Eurocopter EC 135 Moving Terrain
Intercom System NAT
MD Helicopters MD 500 Kannad 406 ELT  
Robin DR 400 Series    
Robin R22 Additional Strobe Lights
Heated Pitot
2nd Altimeter
Robin R44 2nd Altimeter  
Schweizer (Hughes) 269 Series Kannad 406 ELT