ACS Camo

ACS Camo

  • Wartung 145 - Maintenance 145
  • Easa Engineering

Our company is approved by Austro Control, the ACS-CAMO.


Thus we are able to perform for the general aviation aircraft listed the Continued Airworthiness Management in full.


For commercial aviation, we can under “Subcontracting” also offer our services.


Reference: AT.MG.506



Aircraft Service Ges.m.b.H
Flugplatzstra├če 11
8784 Trieben


Aircraft type/-series/-group Airworthiness review authorised
Augusta a 109 Series yes
Augusta Bell 206 Series yes
Aviat / Christen Husky Series yes
Bell 206 Series yes
Bell 407 yes
Diamond DA40 Series yes
Eurocopter AS 350 yes
Eurocopter AS 355 yes
Eurocopter EC120 B yes
Eurocopter EC 135 yes
FFT/Gyroflug SC01 yes
MD Helicopters (Hughes) 369 Series yes
MD Helicopters MD 500N Series yes
Robin DR 400 Series yes
Robinson R22 yes
Robinson R44 yes
Schweizer (Hughes) 269 Series yes